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Welcome to Hong Hu!

Welcome to my little virtual fox den! I am honored that you decided to stop by.

If my website did not already make this very obvious, I have a penchant for foxes and Vulpix! I have loved and felt connected to both since I was a little teenager. Since then, I have kind of just picked them up and now they are a big part of my identity, I feel!

I have created this website as a journal of sorts. I loved the idea of having a place where I could unapologetically share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions! I also love to speak about my interests.

My site may contain mature or explicit content in the future. I may also discuss heavy and dark topics (particularly on rambles & on my blog). Please heed this warning.

This site is a little lacking in content at the moment. Please be patient! It is very new.

03/17/2023 New diary entry!

03/14/2023 China Shrine has been remade!

03/13/2023 Photography section has been added!

03/10/2023 First fitness blog entry and my weight loss journey are up!

03/08/2023 New diary entry!

03/08/2023 Brand new look!

03/07/2023 I have finally created buttons!