Hello, friends! It has been a little while since I had posted here... Anyways, yesterday was absolute hell! I woke up with period cramps so I kind of just got out of bed and headed over to the bathroom for a hot bath. I was feeling awkward, dizzy, and shaky. The fact that I hardly ate the day before didn't help either. After said bath, I was feeling somewhat better (I guess) so I decided to drink coffee. BIG MISTAKE! After that, I was in the very worst pain I had ever felt in my life!

I tried to call my dad numerous times for help, but he was busy at work! I blew his phone up with texts, hoping for a resolve... but then I just decided to call emergency services. The pain was unbearable and I couldn't handle it. I wanted to cry!

The fire department showed up and I was curled up in a ball on the couch by the door. My hair was a mess, I was in a nightgown, and I had a blanket over me. It took all of my energy to just go to the living room and every step was painful. Long story short, they told me that there was nothing wrong and, therefore, nothing they could do for me. I was pretty salty but, looking back at it, I'm grateful I didn't have to pay a shit-ton of money for the ambulence... especially since I felt fine several hours later.

Sadly, I did not make it to the gym yesterday. I really wanted to go, though, since I go twice a week.

I also finally got off my butt and started my Batman ita bag! I love it so very much and it is coming along quite well! I think it perfectly embodies my love for Batman and I am very excited to see it grow!

I also want to make one for Two-Face in the future, hehe... maybe. I also really like Two-Face! Not to the same extent as Batman, but he is also my husbando! My waifus are Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Vi from Arcane/LoL, and La Signora from Genshin Impact!

Speaking of which, I really want to make a yume section on my site! I want it to be a place where I can freely post spergs about my husbandos and waifus! I also want to fill it with self-insert shipping fanart!

Here is my yume oc! She is actually just going to be my persona whom I also use as my own little mascot. She's supposed to be a fictional version of me!

Her name is Astrid (for no particular reason, I just love the name very much) and she is a fox girl who can shapeshift to and from a fox at will. She has red hair and blue-green eyes just like I do in real life! Her style is heavily influenced by how I want to dress in real life (very ryousangata)!

I haven't come up with a design for her fox form yet, but, when I make it, I want her to be a cherry blossom fox since I love cherry blossoms (and all flowers for that matter)!

Thank you all very much for reading! These updates are pretty exciting to me, hehe.


Good evening! I just got home from camping with Dad. The trip was pretty fun, as they usually are. For those who don't know about our frequent trips, we typically ride a four wheeler around in the sand dunes and sleep overnight. Admittedly, the "magical" excitement has kind of faded since I am older, but I still genuinely love these trips.

However, we were greeted with a very magical and exciting sight today; a superbloom! Gosh, these flowers were so gorgeous. As we drove by them, their aroma filled the air. It was definitely the biggest highlight of this trip. I was even begging Dad to see them one last time before it was time to go.

The whole trip was pretty fun, but the flowers were by far my favorite aspect. Ah, I am super tired right now. Goodnight to all of you!


Good afternoon, Christ I am tired! Which is kind of funny because I did barely anything today. I mean I did have my usual work shift, but nobody came so I just coded and worked on an exam. I need to finish my exam this afternoon since Dad and I are going out to camp!

It was kind of misty/drizzling outside so here are some pretty photos I took!

My dad is kind of in a rush so seeya later! I would share more but, seriously, nothing happened lol.


I'm deeply sorry for not having uploaded anything lately. I have been tremendously busy working on my little passion project, but I have time to be more active now!

Last weekend was scary and also a bit disappointing. I had taken the day off of work on Friday so I could go camping with my sister and father. Unfortunately, however, my dad's car was malfunctioning. I was pretty scared honestly. The truck would start rolling when he had tried to stop. My sister and I were a bit panicked, but we made it back home safely. It's a big bummer. I wished I had just gone to work instead.

My dad and I also worked on my garden a bit! We transplanted some more African daisies! I am super excited to tell you guys all about it. I especially love that daisies are Freyja's flowers. Caring for daisies can also serve as a tribute to her!

Last night, my friend and I watched Batman: Dark Knight! I really enjoyed the movie even though the plot was a bit confusing at times... I really loved Christian Bale's Batman (I like Keaton's too)! He did an excellent job playing the character! Heath Ledger's Joker was perfect too! And, of course, who can forget Two-Face? He is an underrated character and one of my favorites.

My ita bag finally came, too! I am very excited to start working on it. I bought a few cheap little pieces of Batman merch to start my bag off with! My personal favorite as of now is this tiny little Batman I found on Mercari! Isn't he cute?

I also got this little Batman Returns pin for the ita bag, too! I really love it.

I will definitely be posting my ita bag progress onto this blog! Stay in tune!