Today I managed to burn 320 calories in the gym! It's too bad that I would later go on to eat at the Olive Garden with my father... Especially since I bought drunken noodles at a nearby Thai place after my work out, haha. I kind of wrecked my diet today, but here's to a better work out next time! I also quite regret not touching any of the machines aside from the ellipticals, but I get tired very easily. Dumb excuse, I know.

I feel quite ashamed for how much I cheated today. I really didn't think my dad would take me to Olive Garden, oof.

Calorie Count

Food Calories (Approx.)
Drunken Noodles 500
6 Oz Sirloin & Alfredo 990
3/4 of a Crumbl Cookie 148
Total 1638

I did absolutely horrible today, lol.