The Webvixen!

Hello, there! My name is Alice! You may also call me Vulpix, Vixen, or Vixie!

I am a young woman who works a job related to writing! That being said, writing is one of my favorite hobbies and pastimes. I love writing anything from blog posts to fanfiction! This website is mostly writing-centered, too, as I use it as a journal!

I have had an interest in witchcraft and paganism for quite a long time! However, I have only recently become serious about it. I also am an astrology geek!

A few of my more casual hobbies and pastimes include working out/exercise (I'm a fitness freak), cooking... mostly just salads, reading Batman comics, playing old video games on my Nintendo DSes, working on a playlists, and listening to lofi!

As you can tell from my website, I have an ungodly obsession with foxes and Vulpixes! They are very important to me and I deeply identify with them. They have been very important to me for a very long time!

However, I have an even more ungodly obsession with Batman! I love him so very much, he is my number one husbando!! I am a shameless yumejoshi/self-shipper!!

Basic Info!

Sex MBTI Location
Hair Color Eye Color My Sexuality
Red (naturally brunette) Blue & Green Bisexual
Species Zodiac Religion
Red fox, Vulpix ♒︎ ☼, ♉︎ ☽, ♍︎ ↑ Pagan