I adore antique collecting! Combine that with my love for Chinese cultures and you get... Chinese antique collecting! I am very happy to share my collection with all of you!

My prized possession! I know there is kind of an unspoken rule about saving the best for last… but, eh, I can't really help it. I'm just so proud of this vase. It was actually my very first Chinese antique and partially what started my obsession with collecting these.

I found this stamp set at an antique store a lot further away from home than the one I regularly visit. I must say; I love this so much! Of course I love it because it is dragon-themed, but I also love how beautiful and intricate it is. I love the little dragon patterns on the front of the box and I think the stamp itself as well as the ink container are gorgeous!

According to the local antique store, this beauty comes from a Chinese museum! I feel so blessed to own this piece in my collection. As you all know by now, I really love birds a lot (especially because I have one as a pet) and the fact that it is directly from an art museum in China just makes it that much cooler to me. Like my other Chinese artwork, I have it hung up in my room.

Ironically, I love Chinese dragons a lot more than I love the phoenixes (I know, I'm betraying the birdies) but I love both nonetheless. I think it is pretty cool that 凤凰 (fenghuang; the phoenix) represents femininity in China! I just love that fact because I am, of course, a huge bird lover and also female. I bought this painting because it is so well made. I love all of the detail-especially the little flowers.

As you can guess, I bought this piece from the local antique store too! Like the vase, it was one of my very first pieces. I'm sure you can guess exactly why I bought this hehe… If it has birds or flowers in it, I am in love!

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