Artwork is one of my favorite hobbies and I especially love to paint! I painted these Chinese dragons over a year ago and I still feel that they are some of my greatest artwork to date!

My favorite of the three dragons by far. This was heavily inspired by an embroidery piece I found on Ebay a long time ago! I had so much fun painting this dragon and many people seem especially fond of this piece! I am so very proud!

Ah, this water dragon looks pretty familiar doesn't he? I thought it would be a lot of fun to paint a picture of the same dragon shown on my vase (a well-beloved posession of mine)! Though my first piece is my favorite, I feel as though this is my most creative piece. I decided to combine watercolor paints with an ordinary ink pen... and here we go! I do have to admit that drawing each little cloud was hell for my wrists, haha.

I did not exactly put the most effort into this one, but I am still satisfied with the result! He is a goofy looking fella!

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