Chinese Antiques! Chinese-Inspired Art! Home?

你好! Welcome to my little virtual appreciation space for all things culturally Chinese! I hope that you will enjoy learning about my love for Chinese cultures and maybe pick up some fun new facts along the way!

My adoration for Chinese Cultures started while I used to play Genshin Impact (as silly as that is). Cringe aside, it is a Chinese game that is full of many genuine references to Chinese cultures! Though I do not enjoy or play Genshin anymore, my love for China has continued to flourish! This newfound love has inspired to me attempt cooking Chinese and Asian-inspired dishes, begin to learn Mandarin, and one day play the guzheng!

Ever since I had become fascinated with Chinese cultures, I have started to read more about them. One thing I have particularly been reading about is Chinese artwork and symbolism! The specific book I bought and have been reading also informs the reader a lot about Chinese folklore and mythology! I am especially in love with the Chinese dragons.

I hope to fill this area with interesting information about China and its many cultures! For now, please enjoy my artwork and my collection of antiques!