Redpilled Men

As a former right-winger, I used to be an avid watcher of “redpilled” content creators like The Manosphere, Tribe of Men, and Taylor the Fiend. I felt drawn to their content because I felt I was “not like other women”; I felt as if I was better because I naturally have much more conservative values regarding sex. In my previous right-wing communities, I had seen countless men online talking about how they want a woman with more traditional values, who had a low body count, and a submissive personality. I envisioned myself as that woman and, by watching content from these creators, I would know how to be the perfect girlfriend (and eventually wife) for whichever man I decided I wanted to potentially spend my life with.

However, as time went on, I felt my mental health deteriorating as I constantly exposed myself to “redpillers” and men in the real world. I came to the realization that what these men say and preach does not mirror their true intentions in the fucking slightest.

Rules For Thee, But Not For Me

If a man sleeps with many women then he is considered a “chad who has options”, but, the second a woman does the same thing, then she is slammed by these men. I really don’t understand how not a single one of these men could recognize this error in their logic. Personally, I dislike hookup culture regardless of the participants’ sexes (that isn’t to say that I care what others do with their own sex lives of course), but I find these views so laughably hypocritical. I especially hate it when they claim that men who sleep around are considered more attractive. If other women find this attractive, that is totally fine, I support it, but I personally would not want to be with a man who has slept with tons of other girls. The whole time I would fear I’m just being played.

It’s especially funny whenever I constantly see these men talking about how they want a woman with a low body count. I see countless men complaining about women with enormous body counts. Ironically enough, however, nearly every single man I have met in real life has shamed me, guilt tripped me, or in one case even abused me for wanting to save my virginity until we were committed or married.

My ex boyfriend who sexually abused me would tell me that men don’t like virgins (while ironically being desperate for sex with me), that a lack of sex is the main reason people breakup, and that not penetrating me was “not easy” for him. Do they want a woman with a low body count or a woman with a high body count? Which one is it?

Much more recently, a man I was talking to on a dating application proceeded to guilt trip me for not sending him nudes despite only knowing him over text and for a few days too. Funnily enough, the Instagram feed shared on his profile was littered with his own “redpilled” content very similar to that of the YouTubers I am writing about.

He proceeded to tell me that I am “sheltered”, that I rely too much on my father, that I’m too innocent to understand the real world, and that he wanted to show me what it is like to be with a real man-all after he told me how responsible and admirable I was for not drinking or doing drugs despite being of legal age. So abstaining from drugs and alcohol makes me admirable and responsible, but he thought I’d be comfortable sending him nudes upon not even having ever known him in person.

So, if I don’t sleep around, then that makes a virgin, inexperienced, and a prude; something that no man wants. However, if I decided to become sexually active or promiscuous, I would just be another whore with a high body count whom no man wants. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I see men online constantly talking about wanting a “wife with a low body count”, but I have been nothing but abused, ghosted, manipulated, and assaulted for being exactly that. I feel more and more like these men want you to spend your entire life withholding sex for them and them only, but will throw a fit if you don’t want to immediately want to sleep with him since he is just oh-so special and deserving. So entitled.

Always The Woman’s Fault

Many of these men critique TikToks of women sharing stories of abuse, being ghosted, or some other form of mistreatment. They will often say that the woman deserved it or had it coming. For instance, Taylor the Fiend and The Manosphere shared a woman’s experience with ghosting. A woman proceeded to say that the man she was interested in took her to a hotel, told her things she wanted to hear, slept with her, and then ghosted her. In response to her story, The Manosphere says “... because he realized you are a single mom and he has money and other, better options. And he took you to a fancy hotel just so you could feel like a princess and let your guard down so he can smash”. According to this woman, the man had said he wanted to settle down with her and give up his playboy lifestyle for her. I am fully aware that this individual owed her nothing, but he still clearly manipulated her and led her on. Just like all of the women that the YouTubers complain about, he should be held responsible for lying to her and leading on. That should not ever be considered an okay thing to do whether you are a man or a woman. While I applaud Taylor for condemning the way that this man treated her, it does not change the fact that she was victim-blamed by The Manosphere. In fact, women seem to almost constantly be victim-blamed in both of their videos and those of others.

I fucking despise men who are not upfront about their intentions and wish to lead me on. I have had to deal with multiple on Hinge despite making my dating intentions blaringly clear. Though my bio says that I am looking for a life partner and have no tolerance for hookups, I still have dealt with several men like the one I spoke of above. There are thousands upon thousands who would be more than happy to hook up with these men so why do they target women seeking a committed partner? These men should absolutely take accountability for their behaviors and be upfront about their intentions. I do not think that any woman deserves to be lied to or misled, period.

The Audience; Just As Toxic (If Not More)

Though this piece is mostly written to target the YouTubers themselves, I have seen equal amounts or worse hatred from their viewers. It is not hard at all to find hundreds of eyebrow-raising comments in the comment sections; I was able to find all of these comments on only one video.

Unlike a few of the other commenters, Paul is completely transparent about his intentions. To him, women openly sharing their stories of mistreatment from men is such a horrible offense that none of us should ever be allowed to vote or own property. Don’t suggest holding these bad men accountable or bringing attention to their unacceptable behaviors, instead blame us for speaking out against it.

More “she deserved it” and “delicious tears” comments, wonderful. Almost all of these guys watching the redpilled content are miserable because women reject them. They become so bitter that they turn to inceldom; they begin to wish horrible fates (less extreme being men ghosting them and more extreme being rape or death) on women all for the crime of saying no to them. Of course I feel bad for men who are genuinely lonely and struggling, but my sympathy completely disappears the second one of them wishes abuse on women (or abuse them himself) all because she has the option to say no to him.

Leading women on and breaking their hearts is considered “hard work” to all of the incels. Ironically enough, this commenter is a Christian with an image of Jesus Christ as his icon and as his namesake. Christianity is a religion that condemns people who have sex before marrying, so what is he doing congratulating these men?

Listen, I am fully aware that I should not take opinions from PussySmasher69 who has a cat icon seriously-I wholeheartedly believe that people take the internet way too seriously and get offended far too much. Just please keep in mind that men who otherwise appear completely normal have these ideologies. Also keep the sheer numbers of likes and supporters in mind. These can easily be people who you interact with on a day-to-day basis. I have even personally dealt with incels myself. These types of men are far more common than one initially might think so we should be disgusted by these comments and their commenters’ mindsets.

I don’t think that every single thing these YouTubers say or agree with is wrong. I think that women who cheat, abuse men, or otherwise take part in abhorrent behaviors should be punished and held accountable for it, but I also think the extremism these men preach and support needs to be stopped immediately.

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